This site presents an overview of relevant background literature for the 17 Problems of the 29th International Young Physicists´ Tournament. All references were copied from Ilya Matchenko's IYPT Reference Kit and classified according to their online availability as noted in the following table

color access
open access
internal access (TUM, Uni Basel, Uni Ulm)
not available

Please note that this literature kit should only give ideas considering theory and experiment. It is therefore not necessary to understand every paper. Furthermore not every parameter or associated phenomenon in this kit has to be taken into account during the tournament preparation. A detailed background knowledge based on the literature might be helpful but is not essential for a good approach on the problem.

We would appreciate help with obtaining any missing/unavailable documents.

Florian Ostermaier (
and Felix Wechsler (

Additional contributors: Marcel Neidinger, Ann-Kathrin Raab, Vincent Stimper

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